Codal shares digital transformation insights with leaders in automotive at SEMA 2023

Gibson Toombs

November 9, 2023

6 min read

One of the biggest automotive events of the year, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas brings together manufacturers, retailers, private equity firms, and car enthusiasts from all over the world to explore trends and innovations currently reshaping the industry. 

AI, IoT, big data, and other technological breakthroughs are revolutionizing the methods by which vehicle equipment is built, maintained, sold, purchased, and distributed. As a design and development consultancy that works with numerous auto companies, Codal understands the challenges these operations face when seeking digital transformation. In general, many auto professionals are relying on clunky, expensive software to run their business, and stakeholders lack the technical expertise to modernize. 

How can legacy systems be updated to lower costs and increase productivity? What new technologies are right for your business, and how do you go about implementing them? Which steps can be taken to improve your online presence, drive conversions, and maximize the performance of online storefronts? 

Codal made its debut at SEMA 2023, where we shared our experience crafting data-driven solutions for solving complex problems and accelerating growth in the auto industry. We set up a booth on the trade show floor with complimentary coffee and donuts, then co-hosted exclusive dinners at some of the best restaurants on the strip with our partners, Shopify and Bloomreach. 

This was a chance for us to learn more about legacy challenges facing the industry, as well as share our thoughts on the role that new technologies can play to address those challenges. Over the past few years, we’ve executed strategies that help our clients in the auto industry: 

  • Boost customer engagement on websites and apps through data-driven UX/UI design.
  • Modernize legacy applications to cut costs and reduce manual work.
  • Leverage AI to automate workflows and personalize the customer journey for both D2C and B2B experiences. 
  • Transform massive amounts of data from disparate sources into centralized, actionable insights.
  • Manage and communicate fitment data via the ACES & PIES standard.
  • Improve speed to market for new storefronts, products, and features.

For example, to help Hertz streamline its vehicle maintenance process, we built a cutting-edge internal workflow management solution called the Hertz Maintenance Portal. You can learn all about that tool and how we built it here.

We also do a lot of work with private equity firms in the aftermarket car parts space, helping them unite disparate business systems across their portfolio, as well as drive sales and conversions for both D2C and B2B online storefronts through omnichannel, data-driven, and AI-enabled customer experience design. 

At SEMA, our team chatted with many stakeholders who want to start leveraging AI, analytics, and automation in their customer journey and in the back office, but are held back by scattered, unstructured data. Successful adoption of AI tools requires transporting, cleansing, enriching, and centralizing data from various internal and external systems via data pipelining. Throughout the show, discussing solutions for the problem of “how to get clean data” became a recurring theme. 

Codal is proud to be working on the leading edge of automotive digital transformation. To learn more about digital strategies and solutions that will help your business streamline operations, improve its customer experience, and scale for the future, get in touch with a member of our team today! 

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