Zev Ginzburg

Project Management | Research

Zev Ginzburg is Codal’s Research Lead and Copywriter. He hails from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and is a proud graduate of Northeastern Illinois University. Zev just showed up at Codal one day, this is not an exaggeration. He showed up, and Codal decided to keep him around.

His role at Codal has evolved over his time here. Starting off as a copywriter helped Codal’s content strategy and content production. Gradually Zev was brought on to projects as an analyst and has shown a real prowess for research and project evaluation. He now helps research and develop a strategy for pre-production of Codal products and services. Codal has also kept him on as lead copywriter, and we could not be happier having him on board.

The most challenging part of Zev’s field, in his words, is maintaining a perspective and orientation that would identify possible issues for a particular development. This requires him to often play devil’s advocate in pre-development.

His biggest goal is to continue contributing to Codal in a meaningful way. Whether it is through research, copywriting, or boosting employee morale, this is a goal he takes very seriously.

Zev’s hobbies include exercising rhetorical analysis and having arguments that stay on track. He was voted most valuable player in the 1998 flag football championship during elementary school.