Zaplee is a mobile phone service provider for small businesses, corporations, or sole proprietorships. It is a cloud based phone system that works like a company switchboard. Zaplee allows you to use a single phone number where your customers can reach all of your departments and employees. Calls can be routed based on extension numbers that you determine and forwarded to any phone in world.

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

Zaplee’s needs were reflected in our research planning phase. In order for the system to work properly and seamlessly for their clients, development and design needed to reflect the technical demands of systematic phone calling and organization, and the intuitive response to these demands. Identifying internal users of the platform versus those who would receive sales promotions was a challenge to overcome and understand as well. It is our chicago based client. We are best UX design agency in chicago.

User Experience and Interface Design

The user experience of the platform required operators to be familiar with features on an functional level. This meant considering the value of available VoIP such as Skype, GoogleTalk, Landlines, and even the phone application on smartphones. From the technical capacity to understand how automatic call distribution can be implemented to giving your brand personalized hold music. The simple volume of features created a need for a flush and understandable user experience in a particular industry that would be called or contacted.


Developing a system for public branch exchanges (when one phone line can make any number of phone calls at the same time) was the foundation of Zaplee’s functional development. The other features were based off of this. Call routing, recording, and secure voicemail to email notifications for a specific user meant developing a full suite of micro-services for one large web development services. This included cloud based operational usage, with call routing, screening, multi call capacity, toll free data and voice connections, and storing call recordings..

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