VasaHealth is a physical therapy portal. Patients can access prescribed and personalized treatment plans, nutritional guidelines, and sleep guidelines from their own home. VasaHealth is a portal used across the medical industry, from hospitals, to physical therapy practices to family practitioners.

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

Conveying the keys to effective and proper physical therapy often takes a specialist working right beside you. VasaHealth can provide the same information, either live or recorded from a mobile location. The goal is to generate more patient visits

User Experience and Interface Design

With a medical application of this caliber, security is a very high priority. Creating the infrastructure that serves patient, physician, technician, and insurance provider that communicate with each other seamlessly would ensure that all miscommunication and common errors could be avoided. Configuring a user’s level of authorization meant developing a means of categorization with separate but co-functioning authentication access. Payments and patient health information have guidelines in the way that data is exchanged and accessed. Developing the barriers for security breaches ensures that VasaHealth can run problem and risk-free.


Secure HIPAA measures were taken on the backend for all the features relevant to patient privacy. We integrated Amazon API into VasaHealth with a customized front end store that sells VasaHealth products and affiliated products. Developing a means for permission based prescription requests, grants, and oversight was critical to the overall project.

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