Codal worked with Lumity to develop and deploy United Airlines’ Volunteer Impact Grant. It was designed to promote and recognize the value co-workers bring to our communities through volunteerism. The goal of the program is to champion co-workers who actively volunteer their time and expertise to improve our world and to address critical social issues that affect our customers and the communities we serve. United awarded 100 grants.

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

A secure microsite was created to intake and host applications for grants. We worked with Lumity to identify needed fields and information and translated this into a functioning landing page for users to sign up with. We are providing best IT strategy consulting services for all types of business solution.


With a form builder in place, Codal was tasked with helping organize multiple fields for users (grant applicants) to be sorted by judges. We were instructed on disqualifying questions and ones that moved on to further questions. The campaign was temporary but we kept the means to relaunch if such a grant was available again.

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