Tabd is a guitar tablature saving program for recording music compilations. It is a cloud based music application that allows guitarists of all styles to use Tabd as a resource for saving music anywhere. The only device needed is an iOS powered one.

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

User interviews were key to the Tabd planning phase. Holding focus groups with all types of local musicians helped garner a feel and flow of how Tabd should be built. The most valuable information was derived by observing the music creation process from just one instrument and how that is integrated into an ensemble arrangement.

Market Research

Market research considered current file sharing and music creation platforms, both for desktop and mobile. Identifying user issues within that market allowed us to address possible issues that could have formed after development.

User Experience and Interface Design

tabd user experience and user interface design

User Persona Creation

User Persona creation involved identifying a typical Tabd user and his or her needs. This spanned a great deal of potential users, from music educators, to students, to garage bands, and even to amateur guitarists learning on their own.

Information Architecture

Card sorting, user flow ideation, and other IA techniques were essential for determining the most intuitive mobile application flow. Determining a scalable initial application structure included tablature creation, how to share, editing tablature, and customizable file organization for later use.

Interaction Design

Interaction design was focused on user and application. Incorporating a ‘share’ function addressed a social media need. Accessibility in application interaction needed to be natural and fit the norms of the tablature process as understood by any guitarist.

Wireframes and Prototypes

Validation of design ideas and design structure from the Tabd IT team allowed us and them to get a feel for the application prior to development. Designing wireframes and working prototypes of the Tabd application enabled us to embed brand strategy into the application.


Deliverables included a full circle iOS application. Using native features on iOS, music creators can easily export content to more robust platforms on desktop.

API Integration

Twilio was integrated into the share feature. Text confirmations were provided to users when files were shared. This information gets stored and users can see how many friends or colleagues listened to their creation.

tabd iOS mobile app development

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