The psychiatry industry is a very costly one. Skypiatrist is a system which allocates all the time wasted in lines and going through the motions into a short video conferencing, phone, and email messaging system. It bypasses costly insurance norms by directly talking with your psychiatrist.

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

Skypiatrist is a medical application. It deals with highly private and sensitive material, therefore, it must follow the most recent HIPAA policy and regulatory mandates. This means being fully compliant in all aspects of data transfer and secure patient health information. Integrating authorization protocols for all relevant and verified parties was vital to compliance. It is our IT Strategy Consulting services.

User Experience and Interface Design

With such a complex platform having so many features, the UX and UI had to follow a familiar path in it’s functionality. Setting up appointments needed to be intuitive for the user/patient. Developing the video conferencing function had privacy as a priority along with familiar functionality in terms of in call options for both voice and video.


In development, we implemented WebRTC for video calling and communications. We created a secure protocol around it to protect patient privacy. For payment, there was validated Braintree integration. A multi-user platform was developed for scheduling based on the Therapist or Doctor’s availability.

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