eCommerce for High-Growth Companies

Shopify Plus is the definitive solution for mid to large-sized businesses that are tired of the high costs and support requirements associated with Magento.

codal + Shopify Plus

Low Cost

Powerful App Store


Easily Customizable

Virtually Limitless Growth

Whether you project massive growth for your company, or your platform is already drawing incredibly high volume traffic, Shopify Plus has you covered. With 99.99% server uptime, 7000+ server CPU cores, and about 5x the throughput of regular Shopify APIs, your business will handle anything thrown at it.

Low Barrier to Entry

When you switch to Shopify Plus, don’t expect any headaches. Shopify’s standardized RESTful APIs make it easy to integrate with enterprise resource planning tools. You even get a fully customizable front end design on all pages, including checkout, without the need for a front end developer like you do on other platforms.

Launch, Made Easy

When you switch to Shopify Plus, you get all the support you could possibly need. With dedicated Merchant Success Managers, Launch Managers, and 24/7 priority support, Shopify goes the extra mile to ensure that your launch goes off without a hitch. And when you factor in the expertise of Plus Technology Partners, like Codal, you don’t have to leave anything up to chance.

Codal + Shopify

Codal + Shopify

As you may have guessed by now, we’re pretty excited about Shopify Plus. By offering Codal’s industry-leading expertise in UX design in conjunction with Shopify Plus’s peerless ecommerce solution, we ensure that our clients are getting the most powerful, easy to use, and scalable ecommerce solutions on the market.