User Experience & Interface Design

A robust and rigorous UX research phase allows us to develop the solutions that are specific to our client's needs. We incorporate industry standard techniques and innovative approaches that lead to an effective and responsive UX design.

Ideation and Exploration

Our UX design and development teams collaboratively brainstorm in order to efficiently produce a large array of UX ideas. These ideas are used as a scaffold on which to build all aspects of the application. The ideation and exploration process allows our UX team to address a much wider range of challenges when finalizing the design.

Information and System Architecture

Creating an excellent user experience is fundamentally rooted in an efficient exchange of information. During this phase, we identify the data structure that would facilitate the most efficient flow of information between the user and the software. This is then implemented in the UX design workflow. As a result, the solutions that we offer are always highly optimized with the most efficient information and system architecture.

Interaction Design

The best UX should always consider how users, software, and hardware interact with each other. Our UX team draws on analytics and intelligence data gathered during the research phase to address this concern in the most effective way possible. The products that we build for you will always be intuitive enough to cater to all users.

User Research

An integral part of the UX research and design process is the interpretation of the relationship between the user and the product. Before development can begin, we must identify the ways in which the product will be engaged by users, and how this interaction will be perceived by them. We must identify not only where the UX design excels, but where it may be a source of frustration for the user. Our pixel-perfect UX designs are crafted through the use of user personas, journey maps, user touchpoints and channels, empathy maps, extensive user interviews, and focus groups.

Front End Development

A great front-end should ideally blend a carefully considered UX Design in Chicago with the latest technology. At Codal, we place equal value on both ends of this spectrum. Our front end development team works very closely with the UX team to produce stunning code implementations that are backed by the most up-to-date technologies and frameworks.

User Testing

A product which does not address the usability requirements of the target user-base is not a finished product. We use an extensive range of user testing techniques to address the various usability concerns that a product may have. Our rapid prototyping approach to usability testing utilizes low, medium, and high-fidelity prototyping methods to gain user feedback at different stages of product completion. We use an Agile methodology so that potential users can view and review the product before it comes to fruition, ensuring that users’ needs are realized as closely as possible.

Visual Design

The visual design of a project details the interface components that define the user experience. Our visual design team goes beyond simply perfecting the visual layout of a project’s design elements. We consider the impact that typography, color theory, and accessibility requirements might have on a user’s overall experience, and make adjustments accordingly.

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