Technical Strategy

Your technology should support your business goals. We take significant measures to ensure that your technical architecture and strategy falls in line with our gathered business intelligence.

Technical Architecture

An efficient mobile & web development strategy can help drive the success of your business. We offer two tiers of technical architecture services to help maximize the efficiency across your business portfolio: technical blueprinting services, and process refinement services. Our tiered approach ensures that no matter what your technical architecture requirements might be, we can accommodate you.

Business Analytics and Intelligence

Our analytics and intelligence team can help optimize your business strategy by showing you where you are not reaching your users. Our diverse solutions utilize graph database technologies, predictive analytics, and enterprise software such as Jasper, SAS, and DOMO to track patterns and analyze the effectiveness of your business process.

Cloud Deployment

Moving to the cloud can be a powerful way to increase connectivity and efficiency across your business. We utilize Puppet, Hadoop, and Memcache as a part of our cloud orchestration strategy for AWS, Google Cloud, and continuous integration, to bring you the most streamlined cloud deployment solutions available on the market.

Code Methodology

Efficient code can go a long way in optimizing an app’s performance, ease of maintenance, and scalability, as well as in simplifying the process for repairing broken code. We offer a wide range of code crafting services, including agile training, code audits, and code reviews, to help get your code as efficient as possible.

Our 100+ clients gave 5 out of 5 Rating to our technology consulting services and also we have 4.7/5 star rating based on Google review.

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