Next Door Storage

Next Door Storage is an all in one marketing solution and reservation solution for consumers who rent storage lockers and garages. With countless locations in the greater Chicagoland region, Next Door Storage needed a website that allowed users to pay for usage as well as get detailed information regarding the environment in storage units.

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

Research included taking the mainstream self storage approach, identifying those things that work, and improving the parts which could use efficient automation, or even be gotten rid of altogether.

User Experience and Interface Design

next-door storage UX wireframing

Wireframing for NextDoor needed to be highly specific for all the features that were offered like UI and UX Design Process. Navigation had to be sensible and specific to location. Making sense of offers or account reviews needed to be clear and we delivered in this regard.


Platform’s Developed For

Incorporating a secure eCommerce system was central to development. Next Door Storage includes information about climate controlled units for selective goods to be stored, so identifying and implementing that into the web application and web destination was important to the build. Included in the app was custom CMS integration.

next door storage agile development

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