Mobile Application Tracking [Infographic]

Our phones, computers, and tablets are home to a great deal of personal information, that we ourselves share occasionally–other times, your mobile apps share it without you knowing. The mobile apps that you have downloaded on your phone are always collecting, comparing, and selling your mobile activity and information.

When a smartphone user downloads an app, the user is almost always prompted to give permission to access other information available on the device. Many smartphone owners do not realize how many permissions they are “accepting” when they download an app. Often, unless the list of ‘permissions’ is “accepted”, users are not granted access to the app at all.

There are a number of permissions that an app may request. To name a few, the applications on your smartphone could be accessing your contacts, how long you have each app open, or even how many total apps you have on your phone.

Check out some of the other things that your downloaded apps may know about you:

Mobile Application Tracking Infographic

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