Matt Gierut

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Gierut is Codal’s Chief Operating Officer. He is heavily involved in driving Codal’s long term business development and implementing innovative marketing efforts for Codal and our clients.

Being from Chicago, Matt has his finger on the pulse of the local tech and business communities. This helps Matt and Codal give back to the community in a tangible regard. Whether it is exploring nonprofits that benefit Chicago, or working with City leaders on projects, engaging the first step of development begins with those relationships.

As COO Matt is tasked with making high value decisions that affect our company in a manner that promotes growth for us and for our clients.

Outside of Codal Matt is very active in the Chicago Business community. His objective is to offer expertise and guidance to businesses that lack necessary technology or are operating with outdated systems and provide them with the necessary financial and technological support. In doing so, Matt hopes to help build Chicago’s reputation as a supportive and lucrative environment for business, no matter how small.

Matt as well is the co-founded KBMG Capital, which helps entrepreneurs establish a more technical presence through market leading technology. With over a decade of experience, entrepreneurs on a global level have benefited from solutions KBMG has developed.

Matt also sits and has sat on the boards of the esteemed Vandercook School of Music as well as the Young Executive Club.