Luxward is an application which offers rewards on high priced, considerably upscale fine dining, bars, and nightlife. A user makes reservations through the app, and receives points upon making and completing reservations. These points are then redeemed for high price items and rewards.

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

The planning stage required identification of two major user groups: Front-end consumers and Venue Operators. Each Luxward venue needed the ability to set deals, implement, and review offers for the users. Luxward Users are Upscale Lifestyle Enthusiasts, designing and developing for them was key to ensuring engagement in the long term.

Market Research

Market Research for Luxward development involved reviewing the current process for reservations of tables, entertainment, bottle service, and participating nightlife destinations. In our research we were able to identify redundancies and improve the process through Luxward’s custom information architecture. Recognizing and integrating advantages, such as incentives for users to go to a certain event that offered rewards would be a win-win for both Venue Operators and Upscale Nightlife Enthusiasts.

Strategy Conclusions

Our final report for strategy included the need for two user applications, one for Upscale Nightlife Enthusiasts and Venue Operators, as well as a web based application for admin use and maintenance. Our research showed that a comprehensive three way communication model between Enthusiasts, Venue Operators, and Luxward Reps would help the longevity of application performance.

User Experience and Interface Design

User Persona Creation

Defining specific Luxward users and their intuitive tendencies greatly aided in UX. What defined the general “Upscale Nightlife Enthusiast” included a need for ease of access, clear confirmation displays, and actionable requests that result in defined rewards for visits to a promoted venue. The Upscale Lifestyle Enthusiast could be going to a promoted venue based on an offered reward, so identifying the organizational model they would follow to view the offer was vital. Defining the mind model and it’s natural trajectory is key to a successful long term user functionality.

Information Architecture

Determining organizational flow for the user experience is what drives Luxward’s usability for it’s defined user base. Scaling an initial application structure to match UX research helped set the foundation for agile planning and development. Meeting needs for each function would be set in a sensible development flow.

Interaction Design

There are multiple levels of interaction and communication for Luxward Users, Venue Operators, and Luxward Reps. Each user type has a human to human interaction which generally takes place after a venue is reserved. In addition there is user to app interaction which exists on three levels depending on user type. In all there are 12 major interactions that would happen in regular usage when combined. Creating the means to ensure that interaction design was intuitive came from UX research.

Wireframes and prototypes

luxward user experience banner

Validation of design ideas and design structure from the Luxward IT team allowed us and them to get a feel for the application prior to development. Designing wireframes and working prototypes of the Luxward application enabled us to embed brand strategy the way the client wanted, solving potential marketing issues before development instead of after.


Platform’s Developed For

Luxward has fully functional applications for both iOS and Android platforms. This enabled Luxward to enter the market with a great deal of potential users as well as familiar user flows in terms of navigation. A web based admin platform was developed for Luxward Representatives for effective management and operational maintenance. Codal has full-filled Luxward’s all demand in iOS & Android Development Services.

API Integration

Integrating Twilio into Luxward allowed for more effective and engaging communication for venues to users. With SMS notifications, Luxward can reach users in a couple different and strategized ways. With Twilio, users can respond to automated texts and confirm table reservations. This reduces a reliability on faith and puts people in the seats of venues.

lux-banner for application development and API integration

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