Keval Baxi

Founder and CEO

As CEO and Chairman, Keval Baxi oversees all executive operations. He has held the position for nearly eight years. Keval is responsible for the end product on all projects, partnerships, and business forecasting. He does this by recruiting and building the best technical team possible in the field. In this way Keval has a bit of himself in everything Codal develops. He has seen the growth of Codal into new markets and continues to identify new avenues for the growth of Codal and its stakeholders.

Keval sits on various boards of companies which have seen successful trajectories through KBMG Capital. His involvement is not just as an investor, but as a mentor in a role to help promote beneficial business activity and encourage innovation through growth.

In his spare time, Keval enjoys basketball, traveling, running, and being an avid Chicago restaurant connoisseur. Keval purchases more books and magazines than he can read, including Harvard Business Review, MIT Review, and other related entrepreneurial literature.

Keval actively consults for various speaking and teaching roles. These engagements range from the classroom to conferences, on all matters of entrepreneur and technology. From IIT to Indiana University to Tech Expos. He also volunteers and engages in philanthropic activities across the world.