Joe Comins

Interface Designer

Joe Comins is Codal’s Lead Creative Designer. He is based out of beautiful London, England and brings the experience and knowledge that helps take all of Codal’s designs to that next level.

Focusing on the most cutting edge and aesthetically intuitive designs, Joe designs for lasting effect and visually engaging overviews. Joe has been at the helm of full fledged designs, everything from simple web development, to specific app design, ecommerce solutions, product pages, and checkouts to name a few.

On the weekends Joe enjoys the wide world of English Horse racing and can be regularly seen at the Midlands’ track, as well as Ascot and Cheltenham. Joe is the founder and lead developer of, which is the source for all things football (soccer) online.

With Joe on board, Codal’s design’s and outlook has some of that British charm integrated into all of our products. When client’s notice that dashing sentiment in our applications, we thank Joe!