Codal teams up with JST to modernize debt collection in the legal industry

Gibson Toombs

February 9, 2022

2 min read

Codal is proud to announce a new partnership with JST, provider of CollectMax—the legal industry’s premier debt collection software solution.

Since 1987, JST has been helping law firms solve debt collection bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency. And for the past decade, Codal has been digitally transforming law firms using cutting-edge technologies and data-backed strategies.

Now, the two enterprises are joining forces to reimagine the CollectMax legacy system, with the mission of optimizing user experience and enhancing platform security. This debt collection platform—with over 900 installations nationwide—will be reengineered to streamline workflows, serve diverse user types, support integration with industry vendor APIs, maintain powerful data security, and so much more.

Codal has completed a discovery process with JST to determine which platform features should be added, removed, or modified to put more control in the hands of CollectMax users. Given recent advancements in cloud security and the wide-ranging requirements of JST’s client base, end users will have the freedom to choose between a cloud or self-hosted solution.

“For too long legal software has been developed without providing scalable and engaging digital experiences. Codal is focused on creating innovative products where customer experience is at the center of product design. Today, we are partnering with JST to create an extraordinary and dynamic debt collection platform while also looking ahead towards unprecedented growth and rapid expansion of our marketplace leadership in the debt collection software industry and beyond,” said Rahul Yadav, Codal’s Associate Director, PMO.

Codal is excited to continue working with JST to develop the soon-to-be-released Accis product and uncover new opportunities for innovating legal debt collection systems. Stay tuned to experience the groundbreaking results of this new partnership!

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