IndiCard is a service for those in the service industry. It offers deals to service workers across the operating networks. So industry night is now an application in your pocket!

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

Indicard came to us with partially written code already. For our planning phase we did a full code audit and review to determine the integrity of the code that had been written by another firm. We then made recommendations for application stabilization, removed potential hazards in the code, and then wrote our own more robust code. Inheriting code is often a difficult situation, but it allows for a totally different perspective in what works and what absolutely does not.

User Experience and Interface Design

Indicard User Experience Design Header

Wireframes and Prototypes were extensively designed. Validation was key to deploy a product that matched the vision of Indicard’s management team. The user experience needed some new features that we developed including in app membership renewal, deal categorization, and communication issues.


We used existing iOS and Android builds for platforms. In addition, we built a web-based admin panel which integrated new elements of advanced sorting and filtering.

API Integration

Referral codes integration, Venue mapping by Google Maps API, and subscription based API protocols were integrated for regular functionality of Indicard’s functions.

Indicard Application Development Header

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