Grilladex is a mobile social networking application aimed for chefs and friends alike to share recipes for their favorite dishes and to store them if you made one up on the fly. It brings culinary lovers together, and brings even better ideas for dishes across the board.

Interface Design

Color and typography along with high fidelity mock up production were sent out for validation before development began. Interaction models between users, and between users and app were constructed to help determine the flow of navigation and function in Grilladex.


We developed a clean information architecture for connected users to share information like recipes. We hosted their backend maintenance and ensured usage was stable and fluid. Integrating automated testing helped in this regard. A custom built search algorithm provides users with recipes and related data like ingredients and even calorie counts when available. We delivered a mobile application for iOS devices and continues to deliver maintenance when needed.

Grilladex User interface design and responsive web development

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