Explora Phones provides mobile phones and services for visitors traveling from abroad. It helps visitors keep in touch with old contacts and new contacts for a very affordable rental price.

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

Determining the needs of travelers and how other companies meet those needs revealed a void in the marketplace for a company like Explora. We helped develop an outlined system from the bottom up. Using the best practices from the travel booking industry, we built a familiar model users already know to order the product. It is as easy as booking a flight or hotel room. It has best IT strategy consulting services by Codal’s Team.

User Experience

Since coming to us with previous designs, our biggest concern was effective onboarding. Defining all user types and mental models was largely complete. Following the same logical flow of an already established travel experience was critical. The ordering process was done beforehand and would be mailed to a location of user’s choice. Then the process of returning had to be included in the design overlay including UX and UI Design.

explora phones ux design banner

Providing wireframes of the ordering process complete with tutorials to assist the user as much as possible was designed. We validated it with the Explora IT team as a usable and preferred solution.


Platform’s Developed For

Both a web and mobile application had to be developed. Both had similar functionality, including GPS enabled location services when available.

API Integration

Including a full suite of logistics based API’s was necessary. This included FedEx, UPS, and USPS with shipping rate information being updated daily.

Mandrill was integrated for email notifications, promotions, and confirmations. Mandrill also offered extensive analytics accessible through the web based admin panel. For payment Braintree Vaulting was integrated in both web and mobile applications. Google prediction API was another key part of development integrated into Explora.

explora phones web development and api integration

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