Danny Goyal

Executive VP of Global Operations

Danny Goyal is Global Director of Operations based in Codal’s Ahmedabad office in India. As a seasoned and dedicated CPA with over a decade and a half of professional experience on an international level, he’s a valuable asset to Codal.

He is responsible for oversight of operations on both micro and macro levels. He helps make sure that our client’s projects meet and exceed expectations consistently. His involvement is hands on at any number of our development centers across the world. He is managing projects both technically and fiscally. The combination of this proves beneficial not just to Codal on the backend, but the client greatly benefits from the technical and budgeting expertise Danny provides.

In terms of challenges, Danny is welcoming and prepared for the changes this industry is accustomed to. Managing over 60 developers is a hard task in and of itself, but Danny makes sure all the developers are in good standing and acts as a mentor. Those are intangible resources Codal is privileged to have.

In his free time Danny enjoys taking walks and trailblazing those paths with innovative operational methods.