Cosmetic Networks

CosmeticNet is a resource for individuals who would like more information on plastic surgery procedures,. It offers informative and in depth videos from healthcare professionals and surgeons on what kind of conditions are prevalent among the different fields. These include reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, and general cosmetic surgeries that warrant research on behalf of patients.

Planning, Strategy, and Business Intelligence

Our BI strategy involved incorporating elements of teleconferencing and observing which protocols motivate the best doctor to patient relationship. Identifying the essential variables and information exchange between doctor and patient would ultimately lead to better development of CosmeticNet. It was determined that a responsive web application was needed first and then a mobile application to follow.

User Experience and Interface Design

The user experience component largely rested on what made sense on the patient side in terms of features and needs. Integrating easy to read yet compliant EMR and EHR was vital for the practitioning office who used CosmeticNet on the administrative side. Creating and testing wireframes for users was an aid that helped determine the user experience on a per patient level based on demographic variances (which included ages ranging from 18 to 65). Our dynamic user interface and experience design services make us as best UX design company in Chicago.


ComesticNet was developed as a secure web application. Built in was WebRTC, Node.JS, and PubNub API. Integrating HIPAA compliant protocols for secure reporting was critical to patients and insurance providers. Video conferencing was incorporated along with enabled smart scheduling which recognizes double bookings and automates office hours.

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