01Goal Definition

When Jared of Moody Tongue came to Codal, his goals were clear. He wanted to increase the awareness and visibility of the Moody Tongue brand, while providing new and returning customers with insight into the Moody Tongue process, product line, and essence. Moody Tongue’s redesigned website had to be clean and elegant, drawing users into an in-depth and refined look at the company’s products and ethos.

Additionally, six concrete goals were given to Codal’s User Experience team:
  • Encourage users to explore Moody Tongue offerings
  • Direct users to locations and offering
  • Keep users informed on upcoming products
  • Increase brand visibility in Chicago and globally
  • Convey the Moody Tongue story and background
  • Deliver events and info to interested users

02Innovation + Brainstorming Sessions

Before the UX team got to work researching, architecting, and designing Moody Tongue’s website, we conducted a collaborative innovation and brainstorming session with the client and their employees.

The best brainstorming sessions are collaborative, because they bring the client’s’ unique perspective into the UX process. By engaging with the Moody Tongue team, we were able to generate novel approaches to some of the project’s design challenges.

Moody Tongue’s innovation sessions actually spawned some of the project’s most distinctive features.

The idea to give users a way to interact with the beers, learn about their flavor profiles and ingredients, as well as to view pairing suggestions came from one of these innovation sessions. This concept directly addressed the client’s desire to educate users of the company’s product line-up, as well as the Moody Tongue essence — adventure.

Moody Tongue

03User Experience Design

The Moody Tongue project design team took a minimalist approach to the UX design process, choosing to uphold the principles of user-centered design above all other concerns.

Through user-centered design practices, the UX team was able to break down users’ needs and client requirements into smaller pieces, making it much easier to reduce the number and complexity of pages.

Avoiding common extraneous elements, like traditional hero sections, an overabundance of interactivity, tall footers, and unnecessary sidebars, meant the Moody Tongue designers were able to put the company’s beers front-and-center.

By bringing out the bare essence of each page, the effect has been nothing short of beautiful.

Moody Tongue

04WordPress Development

The Moody Tongue team wanted to implement their beautiful new website on the WordPress content management system (CMS) due to the ease with which they would be able to change the content and images on each page.

Moody Tongue wanted a solution that their non-technical team members could easily operate. This meant developing the back end of WordPress in such a way that every single element was clearly labeled, visually editable, and easy to use.

As a boutique-level brewery, design flexibility and ease of customization were two priorities for this stunning website. The end result, is a rotating roster of high-resolution beers that any visitor would love to drink while enjoying this website.

Moody Tongue

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