01Goal Definition

When Reboot Illinois came to Codal, their website was 11+ years old, and extremely outdated. Reboot wanted to offer its readers a more modern interface, with a better organized architecture.

As such, Reboot had a set of goals for the Codal team:
  • More organization of various types of content
  • Designing around many advertisements
  • An easy to use CMS and backend
  • A well-researched and updated user interface

02UX and User Research

The Reboot team wanted to spend a large chunk of time doing research on their current platform, current users, and potential designs.

Our UX researchers started the UX research process with crafting questions to conduct user surveys and interviews. The team utilized HotJar on their current platform to distribute multiple user surveys. Along with surveys, our UX researchers had the chance to sit down with users in person and interview them.

Through the surveys and interviews, Codal’s UX team understood the journey of news consumption, how people like to interact with web content and articles, what people are willing to pay for in terms of customization and personalization, the education and demographic of Reboot readers, and the overall readership retention.

Our UX team also conducted a competitive analysis of similar websites. Some of the features that they explored were: paid versus unpaid, recommended content, content organization, and layout comparison.

Once the preliminary research was completed and the data was analyzed, our UX team put together user journeys, user personas, and solution guidelines.

Reboot Illinois

03User Experience and Interface Design

Upon completion of the user journeys, personas, and solution guidelines, our team got started on the information architecture, interaction design, and interface design. The information architecture was completed after spending hours doing card sorting activities and creating a user and sitemap flow.

The interaction design phase started with simple whiteboard sketches. Once an initial concept was decided on, the team took it to Axure, and created interactive, clickable wireframes. We tested the wireframes with users and made revisions as needed.

Once the final wireframes were approved by the Reboot team, the interactive wireframes were sent off to our interface designer, who put color and life into the ‘frames.

A moodboard was created, along with pixel-perfect mockups. The mockups were uploaded to RedPen for the client to comment on directly.

Reboot Illinois

04WordPress Development

Reboot Illinois wanted to utilize WordPress for the backend of the website, making it very easy for Reboot IL authors, and article contributors to sign-in and post their article. Utilizing this content management system, allowed for the very large and extensive Reboot team to contribute, edit, and delete content on the website.

From maps, image galleries, videos, and basic articles, it had to be easy to use for everyone, and for all types of content, which was why WordPress was chosen for this project.

Reboot Illinois

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