01Goal Definition

Indicard came to Codal to alleviate a steadily dwindling faith in their previous development partner, whose lack of communication, inability to keep a deadline, and lack of a functional quality assurance system was putting enormous stress on the client. They made it clear to Codal’s product development team that above all else Indicard needed a partner they could trust to fix and finish the app that their previous partner had started.

The following requirements were given to the Codal’s team:
  • Total transparency
  • Constant communication between team and client
  • A competent redesign of the previous design firm’s work
  • Task & meeting management
  • A reliable codebase that would need little in the way of maintenance
  • A quick turnaround to make up for lost time

02Innovation and Brainstorming Sessions

For our planning phase we did a full code audit and review to determine the integrity of the code that had been written by another firm. We then made recommendations for application stabilization and removed potential hazards in the code.

Codal’s engineers then proposed a substantially more robust codebase. Inheriting code is often a difficult situation, but it allows for a totally different perspective in what works and what absolutely does not.


03User Experience

Validation was key in deploying a product that matched the vision of Indicard’s management team. The previous development completely skipped this part of the process, leading to the creation of unneeded modules, and even a lack of necessary features.

The user experience of the app was lacking some features that our UX team developed, including an in-app membership renewal system, intuitive deal categorization, and even customer communication experience.


04App Development

Codal’s engineers developed robust iOS and Android builds that ensured the longevity, reliability, and stability of Indicard. In addition, Codal built a web-based admin panel which integrated new elements, such as advanced sorting and filtering, into the platform.

APIs included referral code integration, venue mapping via Google Maps API, and subscription-based API protocols that enabled the creation of Indicard’s exact vision.

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