01Goal Definition

CallPotential came to Codal with an idea that would revolutionize an industry: usher the self-storage facility into the modern age of automation and remote management with an advanced, two platform solution for operators of any size. Together, Codal and CallPotential envisioned an intuitive design that could both engage their customers and support CallPotential's growing selection of software tools and products.

The platform had to accommodate the following requirements:
  • An intuitive management web portal
  • An intuitive and powerful iOS self-service client
  • Advanced features such as card swiping, scanning, and ID retention
  • Inbuilt analytics
  • Employee evaluation reports
  • Remote management

02Innovation and Brainstorming Sessions

In order to completely transform the archaic industry of self-storage, Codal’s designers needed to understand every single opportunity for technological assistance. This made CallPotential the perfect candidate for Codal’s iDays.

iDays are Codal’s brand of intensive, group driven, and targeted innovation sessions that include a diverse team of UX designers, UX researchers, engineering specialists, members of the client team, and even a selection of their own customers.

Codal facilitated three separate iDay events, each focusing on a different area of the proposed software: automated self check-in, remote management, and advanced tech opportunities.

Call Potential

03User Experience

On the web side of the UX process, Codal’s designers crafted an elegant two-part solution. One design accommodated for the need to inform potential customers of CallPotential’s capabilities in an accurate and appealing way, while the other accounted for management needs.

One such function of the management portal was to enable CallPotential managers to control nearly every aspect of the self check-in system, right from the comfort of their office.

These two systems were designed to function as separate entities within the same platform — essentially acting as two sides of the same coin: front end, and back end.

Call Potential

04Web Development (Marketing Site & Management Back End)

In order to produce the kind of robust, full circle solution needed to accommodate both remote management and an informative front end, CallPotential’s web app was built using a combination of Angular JS and PHP.

PHP is a well established, widely trusted, and stable back end language that is currently running most of the world wide web. The relative ease with which PHP development is conducted made it perfect for an enterprise solution like CallPotential, because it enables consistent, timely code updates.

For the front end, Codal’s engineers decided to build CallPotential with Angular JS, an advanced framework developed by Google that enables rapid prototyping and simply gorgeous web components.

Other advanced features include:

  • Admin users
  • Configuration manager
  • Lead manager
  • Employee manager
  • Inventory tracking
  • Smart kiosk location management
  • Employee evaluation reports
  • Customer tracking


Call Potential

05iOS Development (SmartKiosk)

CallPotential’s SmartKiosk platform was the major innovation point of the project, enabled by a complex MDM implementation providing restricted iOS functionality in exchange for a closed-circuit enterprise experience.

This multi-tenant solution was coded with three user types in mind: “Admin” (configuration), “Unattended” (fully automated), and “Attended” (partially automated). Each of these tenants enable the app to serve a different purpose, without changing the codebase.

The SmartKiosk platform integrates a number of advanced APIs, including Microblink, CardIO, and Lilitab. These, in combination with a powerful field manager, and notification trigger settings, make the SmartKiosk platform one of the most customizable and powerful systems we’ve ever built.

Call Potential

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