01Goal Definition

Pepsi's nutrition information website was intended to be a long term project requiring virtually zero maintenance over the course of its lifetime. The client needed lineup updates and content changes to be manageable by their own in-house content team with little to no coding experience. Security was also a priority, so the site had to be able to withstand all manner of attacks without the involvement of Codal's team to fix it.

The platform had to accommodate for the following criteria:
  • Design and build an intuitive search system
  • Design and build a powerful filter option
  • Secure the site against all types of attacks
  • Ensure maximum scalability as Pepsi's product line grows
  • Beautiful design that reflects Pepsi's love of colors

02User Experience Design

PepsiCo wanted to provide an interactive solution where their clients could see the facts about all of their beverages. Users needed to be able to simply access the beverage of interest, either in a search box, or through a dedicated product finder.

A high level of user experience was important to the client, which meant sorting by calories, bubbles, sweetener, caffeine, vitamins, and much more were necessary. Requirements and interests were gauged through surveys and contextual inquiry techniques that were performed on clients of the company.


03Web Development

As an enterprise company, Pepsi Co had two concerns: security and performance. The final product was developed as a secure and accessible tool for consumers. We provided Pepsi with several developers to help build a lasting tool that needs casual maintenance and limited updates with new beverages.

In order to handle the hundreds of products in Pepsi’s lineup, the back end of the site had to be designed with scalability in mind. That’s why Codal’s engineering staff custom built everything from scratch.


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