01Goal Definition

Archer Brighton’s mission statement was simple: deliver bags with perfected design and function, without the markup. The retailer offers backpacks, messenger bags, clutches, and more, all expertly crafted with high-quality materials. Archer Brighton needed an eCommerce website that matched their products: modern and sophisticated, but without the lavish extravagance of other upscale retailers, and supremely functional—the website should be tailored to foster conversion and curtail bounce rate.

Codal’s UX design team identified three key project objectives to fulfill Archer Brighton’s business needs::
  • A simplistic, almost minimalist, design that emphasized their products, putting the bags at the forefront
  • An on-brand user interface that captured Archer Brighton’s elegant, upscale aesthetic
  • A responsive, mobile-friendly shopping experience that adapted to screens of any size without a drop in quality or functionality

02Customer Experience Design

Before overhauling Archer’s eCommerce website, Codal performed a UX audit to assess the current platform.

Our UX audits identify strengths, diagnose pain points, and offer our designers an opportunity to analyze the project and formulate a design strategy.

In addition to scrutinizing the website with the perceptive eye of our UX designers, Codal dug deep into the quantitative web analytics Archer Brighton provided, drawing firm conclusions from the data and translating it into an actionable design plan.

Putting the design plan into action, our UX team produced high-fidelity prototypes and began conducting marketing-driven conversion testing on real Archer customers.

A specialized format of the user testing we perform for every eCommerce project, conversion tests hone in on the path to purchase, ensuring a seamless journey from initial click to checkout.

For the website’s aesthetic, Codal began by selecting a template from Shopify’s extensive library. From there, our front-end engineers began customizing the template, tailoring it to align with the Archer Brighton brand.

As the redesign neared completion, the UX team conducted final tests to verify the platform’s usability before it was passed to development.

The user response was overwhelmingly positive, and the numbers backed it up—the amount of clicks users needed to complete a purchase plummeted.

Archer Brighton

03eCommerce Development

Recognizing Archer Brighton’s need for a comprehensive, scalable eCommerce solution, Codal decided to build their website on Shopify, the definitive industry standard for online retail.

Taking great care not to disrupt the shopping experience Archer’s existing customers were familiar with, Codal methodically migrated products and features to the upgraded site, ensuring a seamless transition between old and new.

Codal’s engineering team also leveraged Shopify’s vast collection of supported plugins and third-party services. We injected Archer Brighton’s site with functionality for the retailer’s internal use, like integration with their enterprise resource planning software.

Finally, Codal’s dedicated team of software engineers actualized the responsive design of Archer’s website by developing a mobile-version of the website that maintained the function, look, and feel of the desktop format.

Archer Brighton

04Testing & Deployment

With design and engineering complete, the website was passed to Codal’s QA team for rigorous testing and validation.

Codal employs a variety of quality assurance methods, like integration testing, which confirms the website cohesively functions with other Archer Brighton platforms, like their internal ERP.

Other methodologies, such as unit testing, feature testing, regression testing, and smoke testing were all leveraged to ensure ArcherBrighton.com operated flawlessly, and met all business objectives outlined at the project’s launch.

Codal is dedicated to not only delivering a successful product deployment, but also ensuring the platform maintains its quality over time.

To accomplish this, our team created lightweight support documents to train the Archer Brighton team in updating, editing, and maintaining their improved website without hassle.

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