Helping a historic brand find its footing in the new eCommerce landscape.

About the Partnership

Thermos, a storied provider of insulated food and beverage containers, knew that it needed an eCommerce transformation to maintain its competitive edge in the industry. Together with its sister brand, Lifefactory, Thermos teamed up with Codal to plan and execute an eCommerce platform migration and UX redesign with a fast turnaround time.

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Since 1904, Thermos has developed and manufactured consumer products that harness the power of vacuum insulation. Over 115+ years, the brand has become synonymous with quality, practicality, and durability.

The Challenge

Both Thermos and Lifefactory were operating on a legacy version of the Magento eCommerce platform. To continue to grow and scale its operations, Thermos determined it was necessary to migrate to Shopify Plus, a leader in cloud-based, enterprise-level eCommerce solutions—and a long-term Codal partner. 

Thermos came to Codal with an ambitious task: Successfully migrate its eCommerce infrastructure from Magento to Shopify Plus in just eight weeks. We’re always up for a challenge, and working with a legendary brand on a tight timeline sounded right up our alley. Codal was proud to partner with Thermos to deliver a truly transformational eCommerce experience.


Codal began with an extensive Discovery process, aimed at fully understanding Thermos’ wants, needs, expectations, and desires from the Shopify Plus platform—as well as establishing an understanding of Codal’s approach to the migration process. 

After learning the ins and outs of Thermos’ existing business logic, workflows, and third-party vendors, Codal got to work. Our design and development team took the information gathered in Discovery to architect a Shopify Plus solution that not only aligned with Thermos’ long-term business goals, but also integrated seamlessly with its existing technology stack.


Codal’s UX designers revamped Thermos’ eCommerce storefront to reflect the brand’s history and values, while also creating an intuitive, streamlined customer experience. Our team worked closely with Thermos’ in-house designers, offering expertise on eCommerce best practices and the Shopify Plus platform itself. This helped to ensure that the business was seamlessly integrated into the new eCommerce platform, so that it could effectively make updates and customizations to the online shopping experience over time. 

Codal’s development team provided live workshops, where the Thermos team could watch our engineers code in real time and address any questions or concerns as they arose. Codal also assisted the business in bringing all of its order fulfillment capabilities and operations in-house, after separating from a costly, outdated third-party logistics system.

The Results

Thermos primarily competes in two different industries: sporting goods and home & garden. We gathered KPI averages for businesses in both sectors, then compared those averages to the data from Thermos’ revamped eCommerce website. Here are a few game-changing results that the brand has experienced since partnering with Codal:

  • Daily sessions on the Thermos site are 1,360.29% greater than the sporting goods industry average, and 1,342% greater than the home & garden average.
  • Sessions that result in a user adding items to their cart are 75.12% greater than the sporting goods industry average, and 58.68% greater than the home & garden average. 
  • Sessions where a user makes it to checkout are 45.62% greater than the sporting goods industry average, and 41.06% greater than the home & garden average. 

In a very short timeframe, Codal helped Thermos launch a cutting-edge eCommerce presence with an optimized customer experience that’s built to scale. With its fulfillment capabilities now aligned with the versatile Shopify Plus platform, Thermos is poised to deliver superior customer experiences and offer its much-loved products to a new generation of consumers.

Codal continues to work with Thermos on enhancing its eCommerce presence via cutting-edge digital solutions. We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished so far with Thermos and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this historic brand.

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