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About the Partnership

The Moneta team came to Codal with the goal of streamlining communication between their advisors and clients through a modern digital portal. Given our years of experience designing, developing, testing, launching, and maintaining websites, applications, and internal business solutions for organizations in the finance industry, Codal was a perfect fit for the job.

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Moneta is a wealth management firm that serves individuals, families, and organizations, providing expert insights and strategies around savings, investment opportunities, retirement, estate planning, philanthropy, and more. This group of advisors is committed to exceeding their clients’ complex financial needs with personalized attention, on top of the kind of resources typically only available at bigger firms.

The Challenge

Prior to Moneta and Codal’s partnership, the majority of communication and collaboration between the firm’s clients and advisors took place offline. The processes for scheduling meetings, executing contracts, and managing tasks were unorganized and scattered across various channels—resulting in overly-complex workflows and a general lack of communication between clients and advisors.

When it comes to providing the actual details and status of their clients’ financial activities, Moneta uses an asset management program called Orion. While this solution does provide valuable information, it doesn’t help with eliminating certain gaps in the client-advisor relationship. For example, advisors cannot use Orion to share blogs, videos, infographics, and other helpful content with their clients—nor can they use it to share personal messages or important business documents. 

Moneta’s existing infrastructure was inhibiting advisors from reaching the high level of personalized attention they strived to deliver. Thus, the firm needed to build a centralized application, where clients and advisors could effectively connect, share materials, and complete tasks. They also needed to implement a suite of back-end tools that would support strategic content distribution, sophisticated data analytics, and low third-party licensing costs.


Like most Codal projects, we started with a Discovery phase, where we learned everything we could about Moneta, from its technological infrastructure, to its target audience, competitors, and surrounding market. 

Here, we learned that many of Moneta’s existing or prospective customers—whether they’re boomers, millennials, or Gen Zers—possess little knowledge about the savings and investments industry. We also learned that competing firms like Merrill Lynch were already in the swing of developing digital platforms to eliminate or reduce the need for phone calls, emails, physical documents, and so on. 

With information gathered through interviews, market research, and historical data, Codal put together a product roadmap, which involved designing a cloud-based marketing content distribution platform, mobile app, and internal portal.


For the customer communication platform and its mobile counterpart, our team built out features and functionality that give clients the ability to:  

  • View content, notifications, messages, and scheduled meetings via a user-friendly, responsive dashboard.  
  • Configure user access permissions, authentication, and preferences. 
  • Instantly connect with an advisor to raise questions and concerns through a live chat feature. 
  • Schedule meetings with advisors.
  • Access personalized content, based on the client’s unique financial goals and expectations.
  • Sign documents electronically.
  • Keep documents and other materials organized via an intuitive file management tool. 

For Moneta advisors, we built an internal portal that allows them to: 

  • Create, manage, and assign tasks for themselves and other users. 
  • Push personalized content—curated by the Moneta marketing team—to clients through an integrated content distribution system.
  • Pull data from the customer communication platform and mobile app to track client content consumption.
  • Send direct messages to clients.
  • Impersonate client profiles to address issues and make adjustments within the customer portal.

To support these new capabilities for task management, client communication, and content marketing, Codal restructured Moneta’s front- and back-end architecture—and integrated a blend of advanced third-party tools, including Contentful, Salesforce, DocuSign, and FileShare. 

The Results

After many design sprints, stand-up meetings, usability tests, and demos, Codal was ready to launch Moneta’s new customer communication platform, along with its integrated mobile app and advisor portal. 

In addition to facilitating greater collaboration between clients and advisors, this modernized system enables a seamless delivery of insightful, personalized news and marketing content—whether it relates to group retirement plans, asset protection, investment strategies, or other relevant financial topics—to improve client engagement, knowledge, and outcomes. Moreover, the Moneta team can leverage advanced data analytics via the advisor portal to continuously optimize marketing content and the overall client experience over time.

Codal continues to work with Moneta on developing new platform features and functionality, while also providing general tech maintenance and support. We’re incredibly proud to work on projects that help individuals, families, and organizations discover new, forward-looking financial opportunities. And we’re excited to watch Moneta continue to flourish as one of the industry’s leading wealth management providers.

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