Marketing Attribution

Helping businesses maximize the value of their data through an innovative platform.

About the Partnership

Marketing Attribution approached Codal to build a user experience (UX) for its platform from scratch.

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Marketing Attribution offers a suite of tools to track customer journeys, website interactions, internal expenses, ROI, and other marketing performance metrics—helping businesses to better predict and forecast sales numbers.

The Challenge

The Marketing Attribution platform needed a seamless and engaging UX and UI, where massive amounts of data could be translated into digestible, actionable insights for customers. 


Codal collaborated closely with the Marketing Attribution team to understand the legacy platform’s biggest pain points and improvement opportunities. In addition to understanding existing user flows and processes, our team conducted in-depth market research to better understand client needs and expectations, as well as how Marketing Attribution could potentially differentiate itself from the competition. 


After a deep dive into the Marketing Attributions platform and its users, our UX designers began mapping out the best way to translate massive amounts of data into a straightforward and visually appealing format. 

This began with an intensive information architecture stage, where we decided on a modular design approach—using intuitive dashboards to keep tasks, graphs, and charts neatly organized and easily accessible. Feature prioritization revealed a need for marketers to customize these dashboards to fit their specific business objectives. 

After cementing the platform’s information architecture, Codal began mapping out user flows, charting the client’s journey from onboarding to task completion.

Our UI designers created menu, table, chart and button styles that would ultimately give the platform its unique look and feel. We also created a stylesheet to help guide future designers on the platform’s colors, fonts, gradients, and so on. 

Finally, while primarily a desktop experience, our design team made sure that the platform was both mobile- and tablet-responsive.

The Results

Marketing Attribution helps businesses achieve their sales and marketing goals by providing a smart, user-friendly data analytics platform—which was designed, developed, tested, and launched by Codal. Our team knows how to maximize the value of data from various sources via cutting-edge tools, and we’re proud to help organizations achieve this through our partnership with Marketing Attribution.  

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