Customizing APIs to connect businesses with a full-stack suite of automation tools.

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CallPotential needed the ability to seamlessly integrate its fullstack suite of software tools into any storage operation’s technology stack. To achieve this, Codal designed custom APIs, robust enough to serve its clients no matter the infrastructure.

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Built by storage industry veterans, CallPotential offers a suite of software solutions that connect operators, managers, and their current and prospective tenants—empowering storage companies to boost sales, automate collections, and run their facilities more efficiently.

The Challenge

To help CallPotential serve its current and future clients, Codal needed to develop APIs that would allow the business to seamlessly integrate its proprietary software with a vast array of other business ecosystems.

When building out APIs, the privacy, security, and safety of client data must remain top of mind. While there was no overarching regulatory security mandate for lead generation, we were committed to developing a product that was scalable and secure on all levels. 

Previous iterations of storage management systems like CallPotential were often saddled with outdated or obsolete security measures. So Codal’s main concern was modernizing components to provide the most streamlined and efficient protocols possible.


To digitally transform the archaic industry of self-storage, Codal’s designers needed to understand every single opportunity for technological assistance. 

On the web side of the UX process, our team set out to create an elegant two-part solution. One design needed to guide customers through CallPotential’s capabilities in a transparent, intuitive, and appealing way, while the other needed to account for administrative needs.

To simplify integrations between CallPotential and its clients’ tech stacks, while also streamlining internal workflows for both customers and administrators, we kicked things off with an in-depth technical analysis of the business’ existing platform.


Our team helped design, engineer, and test a new front-end experience for CallPotential, introducing new features and functionalities that would enhance the customer experience—saving storage operators significant time and effort, while also improving their bottom line. Plus we developed a training and tutorial program for future CallPotential users. 

We enhanced the user experience for administrators as well, simplifying processes around customer support and success, and automating manual, time-consuming tasks.

To achieve these UX and UI improvements for both customers and administrators, our engineering team built custom APIs from scratch. These APIs are efficient, secure, and able to scale alongside CallPotential’s rapid business growth.

The Results

With Codal’s help, CallPotential has evolved into a cutting-edge suite of software tools that automates critical business tasks, saving self-storage operators time and effort, while also increasing scalability and revenue. 

We designed a sensible and intuitive user experience for both the customer-facing and administrative sides of the platform. And once they’ve integrated with the solution, CallPotential’s clients can be confident that their business’ data remains safe and secure.

Overall, Codal transformed CallPotential’s outdated, complex technology into an extremely intuitive, efficient, and aesthetically-pleasing web application that serves self-storage companies of all shapes and sizes.

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