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Improving Your Customer Service Through Your Website

May 29th, 2018

“Happy customer, happy life,” is the mantra of every business owner. Although there are different versions of this saying, the baseline message is the same: making this person/group of people happy makes your life easier. While this is key for any organization with an online presence, it rings especially true for eCommerce sites.  

A pivotal asset to any successful site, customer service and experience transforms leads to substantial customers, and the average, unfamiliar user into a returning one.

As a UX design company in Chicago, Codal has compiled a few tips and tricks that will assist organizations make their website or mobile application’s customer service stellar.


Every quality customer service begins with an organization offering up a simple way for the user to establish contact with them. The easiest way to achieve this is through an accessible “Contact Us” option on a site or mobile app’s main interface.

Seems obvious, I know. But a simple “Contact Us” form offers users an opportunity to initiate conversation or voice any suggestions they may have.

A site’s “Contact Us” form should be straightforward and inviting. Any daunting or complicated form will drive away the average user. It should be easily seen and accessible on every page of the platform.

If a user has to search for the “Contact Us” link, odds are they will abandon their search and the potential customer-to-business interaction will dissipate. This can be remedied by including the call-to-action where it makes sense on the website: top of the site or bottom, depending on organization preferences.

Improving Your Customer Service Through Your Website


The content of the form itself also plays a role in whether or not the user chooses to ‘interact with your organization. The form should be welcoming to the user and should offer a clear-cut call-to-action.

Some examples of these phrases are, “Contact us, we would love to hear from you,” “Have any feedback? Let’s get in touch,” or, “Need a company that does X, Y, or Z? Get in contact with us.” All these phrases boil down to the same message: fill out the form and interact with us.

Another facet of any effective contact form is the design of the form itself. If your company is attempting to provide this welcoming feeling, the form itself needs to give off a similar feel. If the form looks aesthetically pleasing or incorporates personality, it’s more likely that a user will oblige to fill it out.

As the saying goes: “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” or in this case, “you attract more user interactions with a successful “Contact Us” page than a dry, uninteresting, complicated one.”


Ah, the wonders of artificial intelligence. Used frequently by websites or applications far and wide, a “chatbot” can be used to enhance the customer service being offered: engaging users and streamlining communication business-to-user.

A byproduct of computer programs and artificial intelligence, chatbots can be used by sites to provide a more lifelike interaction with their users. These bots can conduct a conversation and directly interact with users, allowing them to ask questions or voice concerns with ease.

Improving Your Customer Service Through Your Website


In the chatbot shown in the screenshot above, Codal’s bot implements these customer service design pointers. From the opening of the chat, there is immediately a call-to-action phrase, “Go ahead, ask away!”

There also is the “delivered” feature on this chatbot, which makes the experience feel more engaging because of the real-time responses and transparency in the messaging.

Furthermore, having a name with the bot, shifting from “Codal Team” to “Ryan” makes the interaction seem more personal. Rather than providing no name, the user can know that there is a tangible person at the other end of the conversation.

Chatbots are a great tool for bridging the gap between organizations and their users. This customer service option has the potential to feel more personable when users interact with an interface.

However, to make these bots efficient, they need to be enhancing the user experience. The bots need to be providing correct answers to the questions being asked and satisfying user requests.

This boils down to the design of the bot and its programming. How ‘bot’ them apples?

It’s Personal

Another way that you can go the extra mile in your customer service is personalizing any follow-up that you may have with a user. Say you’re in the eCommerce industry and a customer buys your product: what would someone with great customer service do?

An organization with prominent customer service might send them a “thank you” for their purchase, send them coupons, ask for their birthday (to send rewards during that month), implement a rewards program, the works.

Although this regiment of good customer service may be different for every organization, users feel more valued when things are tailored or personalized to them. Quality customer service is essentially taking care of the customer and generating their loyalty.

Executing Successful Customer Service

Providing stellar customer service doesn’t stop there. Customer service can be applied to a variety of different features while running a website.

Now, that’s a lot to process. But don’t get overwhelmed. Customer service can be a breeze with the right resources. A web development agency can help you in your journey to providing successful customer service.

Taylor Cygan


Taylor is a content writing intern at Codal, authoring blog posts anywhere from UX design to other facets of the vast World Wide Web. Working alongside the talented members of the Codal team, Taylor works to produce relevant and engaging content. When she’s not immersed in the world of development and design services, Taylor spends her time: reading classic American literature, binge-watching a Netflix series, or ordering an excessively large iced coffee from her local Starbucks.


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