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FUND Conf: #JoinTheFUND

October 9th, 2015

This week has been another busy one at Codal! The Codal team attended FUND Conference, which started on Tuesday. The objective of the conference was to bridge the gap between early stage investors and high-growth companies.

FUND Conference kicked off with a networking party, Tuesday evening at Highline, in River North. The conference resumed on Wednesday, filled to the brim with angel investors, venture capitalists, business leaders, startups, crowdfunders, entrepreneurs, and tech companies.

Codal CEO, Keval Baxi, was among the judges at the event. He was tasked with judging ten startups, based on a few different factors, including: scalability, concept, and branding.

Throughout the conference, there were some notable startups that Codal met that had a high potential for growth:

Bonfire Wines

Bonfire Wines is a premium brand, offering wines crafted from grapes grown in California vineyards, packaged in sustainable wine pouches. Bonfire Wines set out to capture the “bonfire” experiences in life-like doing things that you love, and sharing moments with family or friends.

Since these bonfire moments can happen at any time, any where, bonfire wine’s is a convenient way to bring wine on-the-go, to share with others.

Tip Yourself

Tip Yourself is a mobile application that allows users to tip themselves for various accomplishments. It is meant to serve as a way for users to stay motivated, build momentum, and ultimately, save money.

At any time, users can take their money out of this virtual piggy bank, safely and securely. We tend to be very generous when tipping our servers, bartenders, and uber drivers, but we forget about ourselves in the process.

There is also a social aspect of the app, where users can share their rewards and accomplishments with a like-minded community, and connect with friends & family.

Pay Your Selfie

Pay Your Selfie is another mobile application that pays users to do something that they probably already do — take selfies! For each selfie that a user takes, up to a $1.00 is deposited into a virtual “piggy bank”. Once a user’s piggy bank reaches $20.00, they are able to cash out!

Pay Your Selfie is a way to bring brands and consumers together, by using selfies as the medium. When a user logs into the app, they will see a list of brands that want to pay users to take selfies with their product.

Pay Your Selfie a fun way for users to get paid for something that they already do.

FUND Conf: #JoinTheFUND


Cooked4U is a Montreal-based platform that functions by allowing users to sell the food that they cook when they have extra. Through the platform, users can upload a plate, or browse through plates that are available for purchase.

Users can choose whether to have their plate(s) delivered, or if they want to pick it up.

Jenna Erickson


Jenna is the Marketing Manager at Codal, blogger, and technology + startup enthusiast. With a responsibility of Codal's marketing programs and brand management, she is always strategizing new ways to reach clients through content and inbound marketing tactics. In her free time, Jenna enjoys traveling, cooking and reading.


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