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Apple’s Keynote Recap- WWDC 2018

June 11th, 2018

It was an exciting week for those of us who love Apple products. Spanning from June 4th-8th during the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple revealed what was on the horizon for the tech giant. In comparison to last year’s WWDC—where we were given the HomePod and iPad Pro 10.5—this year’s reveal seemed rather lackluster.

During their lengthy keynote on June 4th, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his senior staff divulged the newest updates and products that their corporation will be cranking out in the upcoming year. Cue the “oohs” and “ahhs.”

Apple’s Keynote Recap- WWDC 2018


Now, that’s a lot to cover. But have no fear, Codal is going to give you the abridged version of the presentation with our recap of the conference. As an iPhone app development company, Codal likes to keep a pulse on all things Apple.

iOS 12

During the last year’s WWDC conference, Apple revealed to their eager tech lovers that they were coming out with iOS 11. So, naturally, this year Apple revealed iOS 12, the newest software update for their products.

Arriving this fall, iOS 12 promises higher speeds and better performance to Apple products, even including earlier models like their iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Apple aims to offer a 70% faster swipe to access their cameras and a 50% faster keyboard display.

Apple also announced that their newest FaceTime feature will allow up to 32 people to communicate at once. This enhanced communication feature will be able to connect more people and bridge distance.

Furthermore, Apple is releasing an option to create a customized Animoji, which they are calling a ‘Memoji.’ With this feature, Apple users can create an Animoji of themselves, which translates their facial expressions and personality into a little bobbing emoticon. Apple has also added four new Animoji’s—a koala, tiger, ghost, and T. rex—to their arsenal.

With this update, Apple added new camera effects, augmented reality features with ARKit 2, a screen time tracker, an option to condense notifications, a customized do not disturb option, an updated photo sharing option, a quicker way to photo search, and more.

MacOS Mojave

This Apple announcement has received plenty of hype and rightfully so. With the MacOS Mojave update, Apple users can now customize their screens to be put into “Dark Mode.” This slick screen customization transforms a background to be dark and subdued, rather than the typical light and bright screen.

Apple’s Keynote Recap- WWDC 2018


Claiming that this new screen feature will help improve focus, Dark Mode is dramatic and striking. Dark Mode can also be applied to the time-shifting feature that is being added to desktops. Users can have their desktop preferences shift depending on the time of day—bright in the morning and dark mode at night. Your desktop can now progress as your day progresses.

Oh, but there’s ‘mo.’ This update also offers a new way to organize files with “Stacks.” Users can stack images, documents, spreadsheets, and whatever else needs organizing, together in a grouping on their desktop. Apple is making life easier for their users, one file at a time.

Apple also did the following: enhanced their Finder feature, created their Quick Look editing option, made how to Screenshot easier, added a continuity camera for a Mac, added the 32 person Facetime option, threw in new apps, and more.

watchOS 5

Apple announced that they made some upgrades to their beloved Apple Watch product. With these new updates, Apple seems to be catering to their on-the-gousers. Apple Watch’s enhancements revolve around ease and user convenience.

With watchOS5, users can facilitate workout competitions or ‘activity competitions’ with other Apple Watch wearers. Users can challenge and receive badges for their workout challenge victories. Afterall, who doesn’t love a little healthy competition?

This watch update offers new workout features: automatic workout detection, a yoga workout, and a hiking program. The healthy kick continues with new advanced running features like pace alerts and cadence (to keep track of steps).

Apple’s Keynote Recap- WWDC 2018


Apple is also giving users nostalgia with their ‘walkie talkie’ addition to the watch. An old toy for many users is now a high tech feature. Users can be connected quickly, and all they need to do is press the watch to talk and let go to listen.

WatchOS5 allows the watch to offer podcasts, a smarter Siri, improved notifications, and an option where students can store their school ID on their watch.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV is raising the standard for smart TVs everywhere. This new update boasts new apps that can be added to the TV and offers an enhanced screen quality. The Apple TV 4K offers this improved viewing quality with its 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR).

This television also offers a better sound system. The Dolby Atmos addition to the TV provides life-like sounds for the viewer and immerses those watching into the listening experience.

Aside from a cinematic experience, the Apple TV provides more content from popular providers and offers more apps. This Apple update attempts to provide an unlimited and uninhibited experience to their users.

Apple TV 4K also gives users a connection option for the tv across Apple devices, an improved Siri, games, the ability to connect photo and video, the ability to turn an iPhone into a remote, and so much more.

Recapping The Recap

Apple is pushing the envelope on the development of technology and the ease it can provide its users. If you want in on this forward movement, you should also be progressing in your use and access to technology.

That’s quite the feat, but a software development agency can assist you in fulfilling any tech needs you find yourself having.

Taylor Cygan


Taylor is a content writing intern at Codal, authoring blog posts anywhere from UX design to other facets of the vast World Wide Web. Working alongside the talented members of the Codal team, Taylor works to produce relevant and engaging content. When she’s not immersed in the world of development and design services, Taylor spends her time: reading classic American literature, binge-watching a Netflix series, or ordering an excessively large iced coffee from her local Starbucks.


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