Automation is the Future, and So Are Robots


Robotics are becoming an integral part of the society that we live in. They are now starting to affect our daily lives into our schools, workplace, doctors offices, and in our neighborhoods. Every day, new stories, reports and products are being released with the coverage and excitement of new products that will ultimately begin to change and automate our lives.

At Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest conference in the mobile industry, just about a month ago, robots were more prevalent than ever seen before. From Microsoft’s Aldebaran robot, LG’s Rolling Bot, to IMB Watson’s Pepper, and Sharp’s RoBoHon, these robot’s functionalities varied across a large spectrum. From reading emails, to snapping photos and taking phone calls, the opportunities in this industry are limitless.

IBM Watson’s robot, showcased at MWC, was possibly one of the most intelligent. It is the world’s first robot that is capable of understanding human emotions while analyzing human gestures and voice tones, which is done through an artificial intelligence system. Talk about automation!

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As robotics become more and more prominent, (and it is—Tesla’s cars are now driving themselves) we can assume a steady rise in the level of automation that people will start expecting from the world around them.

Cars, appliances, wearable devices, robotic helpers, and home automation are already a reality, and only time will tell where things will go from there. Technologies that used to exist only in the minds of Sci Fi writers, are just barely over the horizon today.

As more parts of our lives become automated, either with help from our robot friends, or through IoT solutions, the need for innovative software will skyrocket further than it has already. Software development agencies will need to think ahead of the curve if they want to stay relevant.

So where do we go from here?

We must begin to integrate the principles of automation into everything that we do as a software development agency: into our discovery phases, our UX designs, our development languages, our quality assurance testing, and into our business models.

The future of automation starts with us—the software development companies and the leaders of the tech world. We are the architects of the digital age, and it is our duty to modernize the world around us.