Anil Shahu

Engineering Lead

Anil Shahu is Codal’s Engineering Lead. He hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He started working in Codal’s India office and became more and more involved in various projects until the decision was made to bring him to the Chicago office to assist in for technical needs.

Specializing in the Python programming language, Anil brings a unique skill set to many of our applications, web services, and special projects. While he specializes in Python, Anil is a full stack developer who excels on both back and front end components of select clients and builds.

His role as engineering lead means he is in constant contact with our team abroad. Managing the night shift helps keep Codal’s ‘follow the sun’ development cycle in full rotation.

Anil is also a proud graduate of Gujarat University, majoring in Information Technology.

In his free time Anil loves to check out the sites of Chicago and the rest of United States. Some of his hobbies include tinkering with drones, robotics technology, and is a huge movie buff. Netflix is his favorite website!

In the future Anil hopes to contribute to Codal in unique ways and develop relationships that influence his career for a lifetime.