8 Mobile Application Development Stats That Will Probably Surprise You

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1. In 2020, the gross annual revenue for mobile applications is expected to be at $44.8 billion, and the number of smartphone users should be up to 6.1 billion users.

2. 79% of companies in the US reported that a mobile app has contributed to their success.

3. In 2017, mobile application downloads are expected to reach 268.69 billion.

4. In June 2016, there were 2 million mobile apps available to download on Apple’s App Store, and 2.2 million on Google Play.

5. Users spend 18 times more time in-app than on a mobile website. Mobile app users are much more loyal.

6. From 2010 – 2020, the growth of employment in the mobile app development industry is expected to increase by 57.4%.

7. 54% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

8. The spend on advertising in mobile applications is expected to hit $18 billion by 2018.

If these statistics taught you anything, we hope it showed how important mobile is. If your business doesn’t already have a mobile app, you should probably build one, or at least make sure that everything in your business is optimized for mobile.

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